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A Guide to Glasgow

Glasgow, whilst not the captial city of Scotland, is the largest by city by population. During the 18th century, Glasow became a prominent trade centre for Britain, trading with the Americas and the West Indes. Glasgow has four of the seven ancient unversities in the United Kingdom: University of St. Andrews (1413), University of Glasgow (1451), University of Aberdeen (1495) and University of Edinburgh (1582), all within 10 miles of the city centre.

There are several major tourist and landmark attractions, including:

University of Glasgow

  • The University of Glasgow offers guided tours throughout the 550 years of history of the university, with trips to the Hunterian Museum, the Zoology Collection and the Hunterian Art Gallery.

    Prices start from £5.

Glengoyne Distillery

  • Open all year for guided tours, tasting sessions and other special events, such as creating your own blend of whiskey to take home with you. The distillery is often described as Glasgow's most beautiful, which was formed in 1833.

    Entry price is £29.

The Necropolis

  • An unsual place to visit, but the Necropolis, a cemetery that opened in 1833 is most notable for its large, ornate statues and many historical figures. Guided tours will provide historical facts.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

  • A large art gallery with themed displays, containing over 8000 works of art, with many internationally-significant pieces.

    No entry fees.

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