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A Guide to Bristol

Bristol became recognised as a city in 1373 and has long been a major British city with a rich historical and archaeological background. In recent times however, Bristol is known for an anonymous street artist known as Banksy, whose art works have become sought-after.

(tourism and stuff)

There are several places worth visiting, including:

Haunted and Hidden Bristol Tour

  • A tour of old buildings afflicted with ghostly apparitions. Also visited are various sets for British television shows such as 'Being Human' and 'Skins'

Cheddar Caves & Gorge

  • Named the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, Cheddar Gorge has a variety of natural formations on show such as stalagmites and stalactites.

    Prices range from £11.50 for children to £17.80 for adults.

Bristol Zoo

  • Bristol Zoo has a wide range of animals, set into zones; these include Monkey Jungle, Reptile house, Bug World, Twilight World, and the Aquarium amongst other family-friendly areas.

    Entry fee starts at £0 for children aged 3 and under, and from £8.50 for children aged 3+. Adults pay £14.

Bristol Aquarium

  • The Bristol Aquarium has a diverse range of animals from the cooler British shores to more exotic animals from Australia and beyond.

    Prices range from £8.75 for children to £12.50 for adults.

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