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A Guide to Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, located in the southern parts of the Glamorgan county. The city is rich in history, with Cardiff Castle being a major feature within the city. It is also known for its coal mining, now almost defunct it was once the largest coal exporter world-wide. Cariff is also home to the national rugby team of Wales, where there home matches are played at the Millenium Stadium.

Cardiff has much entertainment, food and sport venues, bolstering the vibrant historical nature of the capital of Wales. Abundant with shopping facilities, both historic and modern, such as St. David's Centre, St. Mary's Street, Royal Arcade (1858), Castle Arcade (1887) and Central Market (1891).

Cardiff is considered to be a vibrant city and a popular tourist destination, coming 6th in National Geographic's alternative tourist destinations chart. Home to a number of major tourist destinations, including:

Millenium Stadium

  • Home of the Welsh national rugby union, in which all their home games are played.

    Other activities are held at the Millenium Stadium, such as many music events with international music acts; with Tina Turner, U2 and Madonna all having performed there.

Cardiff Castle

  • Originally built by the Romans in AD55 and used as a garrison, Cardiff Castle was rebuilt in 1091 by the Normans. The castle was then renovated during the Victorian era in 1868, and even today the castle is still being renovated.
  • It is open to the public all year with the exceptions of Christmas Day and Boxing Day (25th, 26th of December) and New Year's Day (1st January). There is a modest entry fee, being no more than £14, being cheaper for children and the elderly.

National Museum Cardiff

  • The National Museum Cardiff opened to the public in 1927, after being delayed by the First World War. The musuem has a wide range of exhibitions, charting the history of human evolution, the History of Wales, and many art exhibitions, too, with art from Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. A display containing works from Welsh artists is also on show.

Millenium Centre

  • Features arts-based shows including opera, dance and ballet, and musicals. The Welsh national opera, ballet, dance, theatre and literature companies all reside at the building, collquially referred to as 'The Armadillo'.

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