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A Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh's Old Town and New Town were both granted World Heritage Site status in 1995, with Old Town maintaining its medieval architecture and New Town maintaining its Georgian features.

The city is host to many festivals, the most notable the Edinburgh Festival, made of both official and independent events. The Edinburgh Fringe, one of the events held during the Edinburgh Festival, is the most well-known. Due to the popular festivals held at the city and other major landmarks, Edinburgh has the second largest tourist destination in the United Kingdom.

There are several major tourist and landmark attractions, including:

Edinburgh Castle

  • Built some time in the 12th century, Edinburgh Castle is visible from many parts of Edinburgh thanks to its resting spot atop a volcanic rock formation known as Castle Rock.

    There are a number of areas within the castle that are of interest, such as the Great Hall, Queen Anne Building, and the National War Museum.

    Entry fees start at £8.20 and £14 for children and adults respectively.

Cruachan Powerplant

  • Deep within Ben Cruachan, a mountain next to Loch Awe, is a hydro-electric power station pumping water from Loch Awe up to a reservoir 360m up. This pumped water is contained by the Cruachan Dam, thus forming the reservoir.

National Museum of Scotland

  • Displays a collection of Scottish archaeological finds and artifacts from around the world, ranging from geology, art, science and technology.

    No entry fees.

Loch Ness

  • Come see the fabled Loch Ness Monster! And a castle.

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